Advanced Foot Care Services

Are you tired of walking in for a nail appointment and not feeling comfortable with the level of cleanliness? Do you want to be able to clearly communicate with a nail care professional as well as experience a service that actually helps with the health of the nails and skin? Elite Feet & Studio is an award winning beauty salon that has built their reputation on caring for individuals looking for exceptional customer service and high end beauty services.

Finally, you can relax and enjoy your nail appointment knowing that we use high level sanitation products to clean all tools, pedicure tub and surfaces. Your experience begins with a thorough consultation, includes footcare education and ends with you feeling rejuvenated and pampered.

Our nail care specialists customize each treatment to the needs of each guest. We are nail technicians who are trained to help guests with problematic nails, feet and callusing. Listed below are some of our nail & foot care services. If this is your first service with us you are required to schedule the First Time Visit Pedicure which is also known as our Meticulous Foot Care Service. After that initial service, you may choose from five different pedicures that we offer, each created to be immersive, indulgent and exclusive. We want you to be transformed into the best & most beautiful version of yourself. Please note: we have an active waitlist for new guests that ranges from 6-8 weeks.

First Time Visit

Guests scheduling for the first time will be pampered by Kate Titus - Advanced Pedicurist or by Emily Marasco - Master Pedicurist.

​ You will indulge in a light soak, gentle scrub, anti-bacterial hydrating mask & foot treatment.

We address thick nails, hard callused skin, cuticle care as well as leg & foot massage.

This service is over an hour and includes your initial consultation and home care recommendations.

Advanced Pedicure

This personalized service uses foot care products containing anti-bacterial ingredients for optimal care protection for those with nail/foot issues.

This pedicures is required for individuals who need an experienced nail specialist due to any of the following circumstances: troubled nails or skin on the feet, diabetic, auto immune compromised or an oncology client.

This services will be over an hour and is always performed with the highest level of care and cleanliness.

Glamour Pedicure

This indulgence is high end with glitter or gel polish that gives you high shine and makes you feel like a goddess!

It is designed to care for your skin and nails as well as make them look their absolute best. This pedicure is an escape from your day to day stress and will be unlike anything you have experienced.

24K Gold Pedicure

The most elite and elegant pedicures you will ever experience!

This elevated service includes a golden leg mask that aids in erasing fine wrinkles, tightens skin, increases elasticity and leaves the skin feeling radiant by supplying it with essential minerals.

Involuted Nail Brace

The B/S Brace system is a non-surgical, corrective service that will help reduce & may eliminate pain by helping to correct the curvature of the nail.

Involuted nails can be impacted which is something we can offer relief from with proper and regular pedicures.

This service must be booked stand alone, separate from your pedicure appointment.

Please Note: If you have an ingrown nail that is swollen, inflamed or filled with fluid/pus, we will refer you to a Podiatrist before we are able to perform any pedicure service.

Toenail Reconstruction

A Barefoot Nail Reconstruction is for any man or woman who wants to cosmetically restore their toenails to a beautiful natural state.

Prices for this service range based on the amount of time and the amount of restoration needed.

This services must be scheduled along with a pedicure, it is not a stand alone service.

Prices range from $85-$125.

Hemp Beauty Pedicure

This new Hemp Beauty Pedicure is in infusion of pure CBD, including a massage with muscle relaxing pain cream, that deepens your relaxation and replenishes the skin. It is a growing service offered in some of the most elite spas in the country.

The CBD enriched formula relieves aches, pains and reduces inflammation felt in the legs and feet. This is an optimal service for anyone with everyday muscle tightness or is constantly standing for work or their lifestyle.

Waterless Pedicure

A dry pedicure, also known as a waterless pedicure, removes the risk of waterborne pathogen‘s and is designed for those with diabetes, oncology clients or those with immunity issues.

This service is meticulously designed for the hygiene of the nails and skin on the feet and legs. This service is performed by certified master pedicurist and offered in a private, safe and relaxing environment.

How do I book my first pedicure service at Elite Feet?

Ok. You love what you see and are ready to begin a TOE-tal transformation (pun intended).

First, give us a call or text to set up a time to speak with one of our Nail Care Professionals. They would like to talk with you about your specific foot care needs and discuss our protocols. Best way to contact us is by phone or text 386-717-3311. We normally are able to connect in 1-3 business days.

Second, we will gather your information, give you directions to our studio and schedule your first pedicure session. Please note: we do book out 4-8 weeks so we are grateful for your patience as we accommodate all our current guests.

Lastly, you will receive a text message confirmation when you finalize the time and date as well as two days before your appointment.
We are a small woman owned business and we are honored and grateful that you choose us for your foot care needs. We can’t wait to meet and pamper you!